Different dance forms for children

November 10, 2016

When you have kids, you always look out for their well-being. Be it a school activity or a social one, channeling your child’s endless energy in a right way is very important. Among such different activities, dance activity is a fun activity for developing confidence and discipline in children. That’s why  you should definitely give a thought on enrolling your children in a dance class. But you need to careful in choosing a proper style as there are a variety of styles to suite every taste.


Popularly known as traditional dance form, ballet is regarded as the foundation of all other dance forms. Ballet can be a great form of exercise and can be very beneficial for kids. Ballet movement includes jumping and leaping to stretching and standing straight. This helps your kid improve muscular strength and remain active and much healthier. Children who are shy and have low confidence can benefit from this type.


Jazz is a form of dance that stems from ballet. It is fun and high energy dance form and can be set to a varied upbeat music. Like ballet, it also provides flexibility in the dance movements children perform. It is particularly popular among the children with creative dance and great imaginations.

Hip Hop

Compared to other dance forms, hip Hop is relatively a new dance form which is quickly gaining popularity among the youngsters. Since it is a freestyle dance form, children can enjoy and improvise the moves easily.


The ballroom is a tough competitive dance form. It is a formal social dance form which is performed in couples. Children first need to learn another dance from like tango, rumba, and waltz before they can learn ballroom dancing.


Modern dance is a technical style of dance which is a higher level of jazz dancing. It requires coordination and balance and can be helpful, particularly to develop personal style for the children.


Tap dance is an exciting, fun and high energy dance form which requires a great sense of rhythm and physical coordination of the children. Children are required to move their feet and tap their shoes in time to the music. It has been a great form of exercise for children and can learn different moves and dramatic expression.


Irish dance is a social dance where the upper body part is kept straight and the dance movements are performed from the hip down. It is a dance of footwork in which both the boys and girls can participate. Children wore a distinctive dress and shoes to perform.

No matter what types of dance your children choose, they will always be benefited. So, every parent  hurry up and help your children to learn something new.


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