Few Useful Tips for Dance Parents

January 26, 2017


  1. Listen to your teachers.

As a parent of a dancer, it’s crucial to take the directions of teacher or dance instructor positively and trust them. The more trust you put on your teacher, more the dancer can get past their own limitations.

So as a parent of a young dancer, it’s a good idea to evaluate the skills of the dancer and make the learning part easier and more comfortable by putting the faith in the teacher. Dancers often go through the feeling of discomfort, fatigue and probably injuries. Often times, it’s normal for the teacher to be pushy when necessary.

Hence, it’s the responsibility of the parent to make they are in touch. Without the proper communication, the dance teacher wouldn’t know if your child had a bad day. This will help the teacher to plan the dance class accordingly.


  1. Know your kid’s learning style.

It’s a well-known fact that every student is different and has different learning curves. Some kids are good at remembering visual cues, some are more akin to emotional reactions while some are good at remembering things by reading. That’s why, you should acknowledge your child’s learning ability and inform about it to the teacher.

Just because your child takes more time to process information doesn’t mean that he/she is less intelligent than other kids. Make sure that your kid is in his/her comfort zone, whichever learning style they possess.


  1. Feed your dancer wisely.

Whatever does the dancer eats has a direct impact on their performance and recovery. Dancers could fill their bellies with junk food or low-calories in their body. This can lead to malnutrition. There are thousands of nutritional information, which are misleading. That’s because the same type of nutritional intake can have entirely different results on two different individuals.

The key is know how well your kid performs with different types of diets. Their nutritional habits should also be taken into consideration. It’s always a good idea to take advice from nutritionist rather than relying on random blogs and Facebook page.

Also, don’t encourage your kids to lose weight. Having weak and fragile body is always prone to injuries.


  1. Failure is part of the process.

There will be bad times ahead and plenty of them. There are times when a dancer gets injured or feel defeated. It is perfectly normal. Parents keep supporting their children, no matter what happens. There will be many missed opportunities along the way and the key is to keep looking ahead, no matter what happens. Take every failure as an opportunity to learn.

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