How to cope with mental stress?

November 20, 2016

People involved in sports and any other similar activities are highly susceptible to both physical and mental stress. Mental stress can cause depression and is more likely to disrupt your career as a dancer.  Mental stress is a common trait among dancers due to intense practice routines and on stage performances or an injury. Sound mental health is essential, especially for performers. Depression can hurt your career. So today, we present you with some of the steps that you can take in order to support your mental health

  1. Meditation

Meditation has been known to prevent depression and anxiety. It can be simply described as a state of complete silence and rest or simply put, thoughtless awareness. As the mind finds the state of rest, we naturally become aware of our mind and body. This lets us able to divert our mind to more positive thoughts instead of negativity.

Furthermore it strengthens our immune system, helps in recovery and keeps us in healthy mental state.

Meditation will certainly benefit you. It helps to cope with mental stress.



  1. Trust yourself

Our brain is very good at making up stories about events and people.  It makes us draw conclusions from tiny bits of information from our surroundings, even if it is not there. We end up judging other people and blaming them for our failures or even worst, we blame ourselves, even when things are beyond our control. The obvious reaction in these scenarios, “I was not good enough” . Feeling sorry for yourself won’t do you any good. Due to this reason, you see many people quit dance altogether, even though they were better than their peers. Don’t lose your self-confidence. This will hurt your career.


  1. Reach out

A dancer should never take his/her mental health seriously. Mental stress can be too much to handle for some, which ultimately leads to depression, anxiety and loss of confidence and will lead them to the path of a quitter.

So if you are suffering from mental stress, reach out to your friends and talk to them. They will help you out.

If this doesn’t work at all, turn to a mental health professional for help.


  1. Be supportive

Interacting with other dancers will help you a lot in relieving the pressure. Dancers are always happy to help each other. You are not the only one dealing with low self-esteem, and definitely not the only one dissatisfied with the way that choreographer treated you. There are many dancers like you. Be their mentor and try to get involved with them as much as you can. If you can help your friends deal with such stress, you will forget about your own and probably feel better. Ask them for a cup of coffee. A breath of fresh air outside will also help you relieve the pressure.


We all know dancing can be a lot stressful to both body and mind. It is essential to support each other and relieve the stress. This will definitely help you to meet your goal.



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