How to put dance interest on child

January 16, 2018

Being a mother you should channel your child’s endless energy into something useful for them. Many of the children spend most of their time watching movies and TV shows or playing games on their tablets or smartphones. This is the perfect time to channel your kid’s energy to something useful like enrolling them in a dance or some physical activities rather engaging them in their mobile gadget. This is the time when your child should learn new things, acquire skills, make new friends, and learn healthy habits. One good way of acquiring all these things is simply by learning dance. You need to encourage your kids to learn dance as dance is very much beneficial for them. Through dance, the child will get the proper amount of workout they need, be able to socialize, explore their knowledge, and make new friends, stay healthy and many more things. However, there are many children who may be shyer and not open up easily. There also may be children who do not take dance and fun activities wholeheartedly. If you have these kinds of problems then here are some very useful tips that will let every little tiny tot to love and enjoy the dance.

If your child does not take any interest in music and dance then the best thing you can do is let your child look at photos of other kids learning and enjoying in dance class. Similarly, you can let your kids watch a movie that highlights the fun experiences of children joining the dance class. When your child may see this kind of photos or movie, may be interested in joining the classes thinking that he/she will also get fun over there.

You can also take your child to the dance class and let them observe the environment over there. Your child will see how other children are having so much of fun and at the same time you can tell your child how open and supportive is a dance teacher. Children are more likely to be interested and open to join classes after they observe the actual dance environment.

The next important sector for making a child love dance is a proper choice of music. There are popular kid’s songs that should be used for younger kids while older kids may not love that music. Therefore you need to select a song with different rhythm as per the age group. As a teacher, you should always know the songs your kids love. If they love the music then they will surely love and enjoy the dance.

Many of the children after joining the dance classes does not join back to the class. This is because they find the class boring or they find the steps and movements difficult or may find teacher strict. So this is why it is important for the first few lessons to be exciting and enjoyable. It is best if you let the kids first indulge themselves in their own steps instead of being pressured to learn the steps. This will teach the kids to move the body parts along with the music. Slowly you can improvise their moves and slowly teach your moves. Children do not feel pressured if you do such kind of activities. The teacher also should be very loving and open to children.

A child basically learns to dance in a dance school. They learn and explore their movements and built confidence. They learn the various forms of dance in a dance school but a love of dance should be encouraged by parents at home earlier only. Parents should develop their kid’s habits of listening to music and moving their body. For this, you should play all sorts of music at home so that your kids will learn to appreciate all types of music. Also, let your child act in front of you with their movements and you too act in front of them so that they learn expressions and other movements of the body. The most important thing is that you should always encourage your child to learn different moves so that they built confidence and get interested in dancing.

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