How to take care of a young dancer?

January 9, 2017

You’ve finally decided to enrol your child in dance class. Being a parent of a young dancer is a challenging experience. It can be pretty hard for those parents, who have never danced themselves their entire life.There are many such parents in London. But no need to worry, you can still engage with your child and help him/her to achieve the success in dance. All you need is a little knowledge to get involved with your child and take care of him/her, even without next to none existent dance experience.

1.Choosing the right dance studio.

Dance is a very challenging activity. It involves a lot of jumping. Your child’s body is under a lot of stress, especially on legs and feet. That’s why you should choose the right kind of footwear for your child. The shock while dancing also put stress on knees and back as well. The best way to prevent injury is by choosing a studio with right kind of flooring material. Woods are good at absorbing shocks than concrete. Similarly, a good studio is also equipped with mirrors, ballet bares and waiting area.
Also, make sure the instructors are well qualified and experienced.


Dancers require a lot of energy. You need to make sure your child is eating well and properly hydrated,- and is not skipping meals. Dancers require a lot more energy than an average child. Their nutrition intakes should include proteins, carbohydrates and a lot of minerals. As they loose most of the body salts through sweating, don’t forget to include some supplements to replenish those as well.
You should also limit the intake of packaged food when possible.

Give a lot of fruits and veggies instead, and avoid hormone-filled meat.
3.Those Tears.
Yes, parent’s worst nightmare. It is one of those compelling reasons which can convince you to withdraw and stop your child’s dance lessons altogether. We would like to tell you that it’s completely normal. Young dancers may have an occasional meltdown, as they are still kids. It’s important to have patience with your little ones. Don’t force them to participate. Simply talk to your child and have a look at what your dancer achieved that day. As far as we know, children won’t mind showing a couple of steps that they learned. Do whatever you always do as a parent to make him/her feel comfortable in whichever way it works.



Injuries are common in dance. There is not a single dancer out there who never had either a sprain, bruises or occasional fractures just like any other sports. You need to prepare beforehand and anticipate any injuries. Studies suggest that beginners are more vulnerable to injuries because they don’t know proper techniques to meet the physical demands as per the requirements.

Also, not that the chances of extensive injuries are extremely low in children as most teachers limit the dance time for young dancers. Similarly, their body is also able to heal much faster when compared to an adult. Your child will be running circles around you in no time if proper care is taken to ensure fast recovery.
There are few things which you can do to take care of your child.
– Stop the session as soon as you suspect any likelihood of an injury.
– Injuries to soft tissues like bruises, sprain and strains can be treated with rest, Ice and bandage.
– Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
– Don’t let your kids back into the class unless fully recovered.


5.Take care of the feet.
Here are few ways through which you can take care of your little dancer’s feet.
– Cut the toenails short and straight across, not curved. This is because curved nails can lead to ingrown toenails.
– Don’t file off the calluses. They protect against blisters.
– If your kid develops a blister, don’t pop them. Check the size of your dancer’s shoe. Blisters usually develop with a new shoe. Also, check if your kid grew out of the old pairs without you noticing.


6.Always carry around an emergency bag.
Make sure you have a bag which includes some important supplies for your young dancer.
The supplies include, but not limited to;
– Nail cutters
– Bandages
– Athletic tape
– Needle and thread
– Plastic
– Toe pads
– Scissor
– Foot-roller
– Vaseline
– Antiseptic
– Water

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