Hogwarts themed Birthday Party Ideas.

January 17, 2017

Every kid occasionally wants to skip their dance lessons and get the most out of his/her’s birthday. As a parent, you might be bored with the same drill when it comes to celebrating your kid’s birthday; same candles, same old cakes and same old games. If you are one of such parent, why not organize a different type of birthday party for a change? Why not throw in a little magic and transform your living room into Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, and help them celebrate the occasion with their friends in more joyous ways?

So let’s start.


1. Sending out invitations.
Why not send out invitations that look just like Hogwarts acceptance letters? This is a lot easier that it sounds. All you need to do is download some harry potter fonts to your computer, install it and you are good to go. If you want, you can give some extra old looks to your papers by spilling some coffee and putting it in the oven for a few minutes. You can also make envelopes appear old by doing exactly the same as we did to the paper, i.e. spilling coffee and baking in the oven for few minutes.
To add a logo to your invitation letter, simply Google Hogwarts Logo.
For the body, use ‘Viner Hand ITC’ font which is included in MS word.
You can also download Professor McGonagall’s or Dumbledore’s signature to add to your letter for more excitement.
For reference on what to include in your letter, use the internet. Google always comes in handy.


2. Turn your living room into The Great Hall.
This is a lot easier than it looks. All you need to do is push two or more tables together and cover it up with tablecloths.
Arrange the tables the ways you see them in the movies.
You can also have some house banners hanging on the walls behind each table. Use candles or low-level lighting to achieve the right atmosphere. You may also want to consider hanging a Hogwarts banner.
Additionally, use black cloth to drape all of your furniture and use wall hangings or stone wallpapers to give the room more medieval look, if possible.

You can also make additional props yourself like wands. Making wands is as easy as rolling up newspapers and covering them in aluminium foil, and finally painting them brown with poster colour. You can also glue each wand with irregular spiral threads on the surface to give them more details before you apply the paint.
Alternatively, you can also use pieces of dowelling rods to make wands. Just paint them black or brown. Chopsticks work just as well.
Give each of your guests their own wand.


3. For added excitement, make platform 9 ¾ wall.
This is also easier than it looks. All you need is an old bed-sheet, a rectangular sponge and red paint. Make sure the bed sheet is bright in colour. Use sponge to apply the red paint to give it a brick-wall like texture. Leave some gaps at regular interval. You can use this image as a reference.brick-wall

Hang the sheet in front of your door. Cut the sheet vertically from the top to bottom at the center so that people can walk through the middle.

For the Hogwarts express sign above the door, download the photo from the internet and print it. (Search Hogwarts Express Sign printable)


4. The Sorting Hat.
It can also be made easily by using a witch’s hat. It is easily available to buy in children’s shop. Cut out the eyes and mouth using scissors and you are good to go. For the sorting process, you can put notes on small pieces of paper for each house. Let your guests pick up the notes while sitting with the sorting hat on their head. After all the guests are sorted out, it’s time for some games.


5. Games.
There are many harry potter themed games. For this, buy some props like miniature dragons, and other mystical creatures and hide them all over your backyard and let the children look for it. You can also have games based on portions, flying lessons, spell lessons or make your own Dementor for Defense against the Dark Arts class. Use a paper bag for the head and an old black hoody or a T-shirt to cover the Dementor. Use a coat hanger to give the Dementor a proper shape.
You can have kids cast PETRONAS charm while you hang the Dementor with a broomstick.
For the portions lessons, put labels on old perfume bottles. Portion labels can also be downloaded and printed from the internet. The lessons are similar to the science experiments.

Inflate some balloons and let the kids keep them on air using their wands while enchanting the word Wingardium Leviosa.


There are many more ideas you can explore. All it takes is a little bit of your time in exchange for the kid’s happiness. With a little effort, you can easily make your kid’s birthday party the best party ever.

Have a great Birthday party!

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