Jazz dance classes for kids in Osterley | Isleworth | London

Liberty School of Dance, located in Osterley, Isleworth offers Jazz dance classes for children. The main objective of our school is to provide the best dance training, where children will have fun while learning. At Liberty School of Dance, we follow the exam syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teacher’s of Dancing. Jazz dance classes are energetic and fun for children. The work helps to encourage a confident use of the space and builds coordination skills which will be transferred across any dance style studied. Jazz dance classes are started with a thorough warm-up and then followed by a series of stretching exercises and isolation movements. Student will learn unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps, quick turns and lots more. Moreover children are encouraged to interpret various steps and moves in their own creative way. These classes provide a fantastic introduction to the ever popular street dance, which will be coming soon to Liberty School of Dance!

Why Choose Liberty School of Dance?

Our Jazz dance classes follow the syllabus of Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing which is one of the renowned dance examination boards. Our classes are run by professional and expert teachers who can offer unique styles of dance routines. We allow limited number of students in a dance class to ensure better teaching and learning environment. We also have various provisions for testing children’s progress. Parents can sit in at the last class of each term to view their kid’s progress and we take exams at the end of each term and organize dance shows in local theatre where we evaluate their performance and skills.

About Registration

If your child is interested in Jazz dance or you are looking for a good dance class for your kid in Osterley, Isleworth, whether it is just for hobbies or the dream of becoming a great dancer your destination would be not other than the Liberty School of Dance. We are one of the popular dance schools in West London so hurry up and register a class for your kid right away. If you have any queries regarding Liberty School of Dance or would like more information about the classes we offer, please contact us at +4407415015194 or simply email us at info@libertyschoolofdance.co.uk