Modern dance classes for kids in Osterley| Isleworth | London

Liberty School of Dance, based in Osterley, Isleworth runs Modern dance classes for children. We aim to provide the best in Modern dance classes in Isleworth, West London. We follow the exam syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, which promotes strong technique alongside fostering excellent performance skills. These skills are then transferred easily onto the stage, which is one of the key aims of the school.

Modern dance classes are targeted for the young growing minds. Modern dance is a combination of a range of dance styles within one dance syllabus which focuses on travelling and encompassing dance space. This combination helps your children to experience and explore the common links of rhythm and improvisation. Every grade consists of various features of contemporary, jazz and street elements which develop strong skills and techniques that are essential for being an all-round dancer. Modern helps students to express themselves while focussing on balance, alignment, strength and flexibility in order to develop a strong and versatile dance technique.

Why choose Liberty School of Dance?

We follow the Modern dance syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, which is an internationally recognised dance examination board. During weekly classes, we work on examination exercises as well as build on new steps through corner work. When the children are ready, they have the option of being entered for their exam, but this is not compulsory and if they choose not to do an exam, they will progress into the next grade with their peers. In order for parents to see the progress made each term, we invite an audience in to the last class of each term to view their children's work. As well as exams, we also have biennial dance shows, which is a highlight in the school's calendar. OUt most recent show was at the Waterman's Theatre in Brentford.

About Registration

You are welcome to attend a free trial class and if your child shows a keen interest in Modern dance thenLiberty School of Dance can provide the best platform for learning their skills in this discipline. So, why not book your trial session with us now! If you have any queries regarding Liberty School of Dance or would like more information about the classes we offer, please contact us at +4407415015194 or simply email us at