What is Dance? Is it More Than Sport and Art?

November 30, 2016

Some people consider dance simply as an art form or sport,-or to some, both. It mostly constituent body movements; be it intuitional or cognitive process, learned through intense physical and mental practice. With such large numbers of dance style, what is more common,is that each has a rhythmic component which one has to master in order to excel in it. There is no second opinion if someone says that dance is both a sport and an act of art. It is true that dance walks a fine line between sports ...

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Choosing dance studio for your kids

November 25, 2016

When you know that your child wants to dance and you want to enroll your child in a dance class. Then you need to take some time in searching and choosing the perfect dance studio. The hunt for the right studio may be confusing and take your time, but once you do it, let you feel good about your choice rather blaming yourself and the studio later. It is better if you find a dance studio that specializes in the type and form of dancing that your child is most interested in. 786...

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How to cope with mental stress?

November 20, 2016

People involved in sports and any other similar activities are highly susceptible to both physical and mental stress. Mental stress can cause depression and is more likely to disrupt your career as a dancer.  Mental stress is a common trait among dancers due to intense practice routines and on stage performances or an injury. Sound mental health is essential, especially for performers. Depression can hurt your career. So today, we present you with some of the steps that you can take in order ...

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Why is warm-up essential before dancing?

November 15, 2016

Although many accidents are unavoidable, most are usually caused when you rush your body to do something, what it is not prepared for. Accidents due to lack of warm up before any activity is common in athletes and dancers. Warm up exercise is necessary for your activity to avoid injuries to ligaments and tendons. 779...

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Different dance forms for children

November 10, 2016

When you have kids, you always look out for their well-being. Be it a school activity or a social one, channeling your child’s endless energy in a right way is very important. Among such different activities, dance activity is a fun activity for developing confidence and discipline in children. That's why  you should definitely give a thought on enrolling your children in a dance class. But you need to careful in choosing a proper style as there are a variety of styles to suite every t...

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How to become a dancer?

November 4, 2016

Have you ever wished to dance like professionals whenever you saw them perform flawless moves on TV? If you have, you can make your wish come true. All you need is hard-work and complete dedication. Dancing is not an easy task. Even the established dancers have to keep on practicing everyday to achieve that freshness and new innovations. If you want to pursue your career in dancing, it is important to take your time and choose the right type of dance style that suits you. Set your goals Hav...

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Dancing Careers Choices for Your Kids

September 27, 2016

From our previous blogs, you might have got a pretty good idea of what your children can gain and achieve in future by pursuing training and classes of various forms of dance in terms of physical, emotional and social aspects. 699...

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Advantages of Ballet Dance Classes for Your Kids

August 23, 2016

Most of the kids are always involved in all kinds of afterschool activities such as sports, dance, music and more. The best part of exposing your kids to such extra school activities is it helps a lot in their physical and social well-being. Ballet dancing is one such great form of dancing that is helpful for children and improves their over-all development. As this type of dance is intense as tap dance, hip-hop and other forms, it is also enjoyable. 593...

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Benefits of Dance for Children

July 27, 2016

Being a mother, you have a natural instinct to protect your children and always want them to be healthy. And, dance can be the best way for keeping your children active and healthy. Not only it helps to avoid obesity among the young children, but it also acts as a fun activity. Dancing also has other benefits for children and adults alike. However, if you are still little hesitant and need more assurance on why to let your children join dance sessions, here are some benefits you need to be ...

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