Should You Watch a Dance Class?

December 28, 2016

Do you like the idea of watching a dance class before you decide if your kids can join in?The answer is not that simple and there’s a lot to consider here.

Some teachers will indeed allow you to watch a dance class and some won’t. There are many arguments which can be made on this particular idea. That’s why we are presenting you today with some arguments for, as well as against this idea.





1.Reasons to watch a dance class
Some teachers are happy to let you in and watch. There are studios you can see into and it’s possible to watch the class easily without any restrictions. By watching the class, you can get a good overview of how the teacher behaves and interacts with the pupils. Are they kind enough, encouraging and patient?

It’s really good experience to observe the teacher before you decide to book a class for your kids.
You will also be able to observe the level and abilities of pupils that your kids will be learning dance together with.
There is no harm in watching a dance class before you decide your children to join.
Also, some valid questions can pop up in your mind, if you are not allowed to watch and observe a class before you decide to sign up your kids. ‘What are they hiding? , What could be the reason that they won’t allow me to watch a class?

It can be frustrating to buy clothing, shoes and pay for a class without even knowing what a class looks like right? If the studio allows you to watch, it’s generally a good idea to use that opportunity. You may be able to see what kind of flooring material they use in the class.



2.Reasons not to watch a dance class
There is no point in watching a dance class because every teacher will tell you that you can never experience the true beauty of dance, without actually doing the moves by yourself and they are right. You can never learn the steps without trying out first. Even some easy looking steps can be too hard for an absolute beginner. It means you won’t be able to judge if the class is whether too easy or insanely difficult for your kids based on their previous dance experience, if any.

Just imagine what it would feel like if some absolute stranger comes along to observe you doing your job.
Pupils, especially beginners will freak out even more than the teacher.

Similarly, children can get distracted very easily as compared to an adult. This reason is solely enough for many teachers to shut the door on your whole ‘watching and observing the class’ dream before signing up your kids.

Dancing in front of an audience is a stressing job, even for a seasoned dancer, let alone a complete beginner. Mental stress and anxiety are something that should be avoided because it poses some serious health risks to the dancers. On the contrary, you are giving them the very same thing they need to avoid at all costs,-you just standing there, watching and observing every move is enough to trigger nervousness and anxiety.

Some studios have ‘opening days’ where they allow people to come along and observe the class. This won’t give you any real picture about the dance class because everybody will be well rehearsed and be on their best behaviour anticipating your visit. This is not an entirely bad thing, as it will still give you plenty of opportunities to know about the atmosphere of the class.

If your local studios don’t allow you to observe a class, then don’t go out looking for another one that does. This just shows that they are well aware, and care more about the well-being of their pupils above all else. There is absolutely nothing to be suspicious about, especially with the people who make a living out of it. They will not compromise the health and safety of their pupils for any random visitor who wants to watch. This should, instead, be a good news for you as a parent.

What do you think about watching a class before signing up your kids? Should you watch one or two classes?

It’s entirely up to you and the dance school of your choice.
Watching a dance class can be good for you, but from a dancer’s perspective, you are making them nervous and uncomfortable by being there watching their moves, which is a lot to ask from an absolute beginner who may have just joined the class recently.

Consider these important points before you decide to watch a dance class.

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