Tap dance classes for kids in Osterley | Isleworth | London

Liberty School of Dance which is located in Osterley, Isleworth, offers Tap dance classes for kids. We provide the best learning environment which is full of fun and inspires student to face the various challenging aspects of tap dance.
Tap dance is a type of dance that produces rhythms with the sound of shoes striking the floor. The specific shoes are required which has metal attached on the toe and heel of it to create sound. Kids get to learn about rhythm, musicality and co-ordination in tap dance classes. Tap dance needs time since it has to be learnt in a systematic manner from the beginning of the class. Therefore, learning tap with the combination of modern dance helps to improve skills significantly.

Why choose Liberty School of Dance?

We offer tap dance classes for kids with a combination of ISTD syllabus to make sure that the children are learning and progressing as well. We encourage kids to be creative and contribute from their side and correct their mistakes and improvise them as well. The best part of our school is that we have classes with limited number of students which assists to make learning and teaching better and enjoyable. Once your kids have a good knowledge of the basics, they are ready to progress through the grades. Regarding the progress made by the students, we allow parents to sit in the last class and view their children’s performance at the end of each term. We also carry out exams and dance shows at the end of the summer holiday at a local theater to evaluate student’s skill and knowledge.

About Registration

If your children have interest in tap dance and you are looking for a good dance classes then Liberty School of Dance would be the best choice for you as it is popular for offering the highest standards of dance teaching. So don’t get late to register a Tap dance class for your child. If you have any queries regarding Liberty School of Dance or would like more information about the classes we offer, please contact us at +4407415015194 or simply email us at info@libertyschoolofdance.co.uk